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Lock-In Flyer

Lock in Flyer 2011

I created this with Adobe Photoshop CS5 and Adobe Illustrator CS5. It is for our church lock-in held Jan6-7th, 2012. It’s going to be a great time with an awesome band – Samestate!

Here is the web marquee version 900×400, for our church website. Go to our website, by clicking here.

Lock-in 2011 Web Marquee


Jesse and Max, step-by-step

 This post is honestly just for my brother, who is in the picture.

First, I started with the raw image, untouched.

In Raw, I adjusted the exposure, brightness, and contrast a little.

After sending it to Photoshop, I first adjusted the white and black points.

Then I selected the sweatshirt with the magic wand and lasso tools and made the red pop more.

Finally, I finished the picture by bringing out the blue of your jeans, which gave us our final picture.

Here’s the comparison side-by-side

What do you think? Should anything else be touched up? Is any of it overdone?


Page: B-52’s Video style

My son, Page

Page and His Uncle.

Jesse and Page



Goofy Family Picture

A Goofy Pic

Hallie being a crazy gymnast.

The Gymnast