Some postcards for our newest student

Here’s a few postcards I designed for a new student that is joining our church. The Ohio one relates to her specific context. Hopefully it is seen as funny 🙂 (Click images to see full size. WordPress may jack with the proportion of  the images of the post).


originally that one said, amirite? instead of ehhhhh? but not everyone caught the internet slang


This one is a wall graphic that we had that I just adapted to the postcard. I designed the guy a year ago or so, but it is heavily based off of a tutorial I did once. The font was stereofunk, I believe, but I obviously manipulated it some.


This one was designed very quickly as I was thinking of a third theme. When I moved here I found it very funny how everyone explained what part of michigan they are from by pointing to their hand.

I’ll try to post more stuff. I’ve made a lot of things, I just forget to post on here.


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