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monster #4 quick illustration

This little series has been fun. These were all drawn on a post-it note in under a minute, and I’ve tried to do all the digital work in just a few minutes each (usually 10 or less). I’ll give the background a textured look, add a name, and finish this one off. But this was fun to do while I had a few minutes.


1 Minute Monsters so far

I posted about this previously, but these are monsters we drew on post-it notes in less than a minute, and I thought I would post them as is after converting them in Adobe Illustrator. 




I’ll post a few more in the coming days after I finish a few interviews.

1 Minute Monster

This little guy was a part of a 1 minute monster series that me and a student drew while at the Student Leadership Conference in Azusa, CA. There are several more to come.