Our First Geocache! and other happenings on St. Patrick’s Day

We had a wonderful family day today. We did some geocaching, went on a walk, and took a few pics of course.

These were all taken with a Canon T3i. These are a mix of a voigtlander 58mm lens, and a Canon ef 100mm macro lens. Enjoy!



Our First Geocache!



whoops, i forgot to add this one. edit***

Handsome booger.

Now that we have sunshine maybe I can start posting more 🙂


Steph and Page background

For the family, if you would like a widescreen desktop background of Steph and Page, you can save this file and set it as your desktop background.

widescreen monitor desktop background (save from link)

A few minutes of sunlight in a mild Michigan winter

With a few minutes of Michigan sunlight (which went away as we walked out), we decided to do a few spontaneous pictures in our yard. I’ve post a few here, and the rest can be seen on my Facebook or Flickr page. I’ve given these pictures a variety of feels, but I like the top one the best.








An outdoor shot from today with Page

There was a little sunlight today so we got out and took a few pics. I’m only awake enough to post one pic tonight, but I’ll share more soon. This was taken with a Canon T3i and a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8.

Never Touch a PC

This picture was featured on Abduzeedo’s Daily Inspiration #1048. The picture was taken with a Canon T3i and a voigtlander 58mm lens. Photo manipulation was done in Photoshop CS5.

Be sure to check out Abduzeedo, if you haven’t already. It is a wonderful site with lots of inspiration from incredible artists.


Created in Photoshop CS5

Page getting kissed 40 years ago

Page getting kissed 40 years ago

This picture turned out real bad, so I tried to save it some, and after messing around on Lightroom 3 for a while, I ended up giving it a 70s vibe. This is definitely hit or miss, but I thought the picture of her kissing him was too cute.